Short Circuit

Next Workshop starts: Nov 7th 7:15pm - $47


What is Short Circuit? 

Short Circuit is a 2 hour introductory workshop designed for people interested in producing electronic music on their computer or anyone who has acquired a version of ABLETON Live and been unsuccessful in harnessing the powerful, industry standard software.  No experience is required and the workshops will focus on utilizing the “Session View” (as opposed to the “Arrangement Page”) to create tracks based on loops and samples.  The workshop is limited to 9 participants and each participant has exclusive use of their own studio “pod”.  No equipment is required of the participants. Ages 16+.

Note: We provide laptops that are preconfigured for all of our Ableton Live workshops.

Who should attend?

  1. Anyone with a keen interest in electronic music.  No previous experience is required and no musical knowledge or skill is expected

  2. Anyone who has used ABLETON Live or FL Studio in the past and got frustrated with discovering a path forward that made sense for them.

  3. Anyone who has traditional musical knowledge or training and wants to explore electronic music production and the capabilities of ABLETON Live.

  4. Anyone wanting to come up with a unique first date or birthday party.

Note: All workshops are ages 16+.

A Few Details

  • Clip launching settings and behaviour, effects and automation.

  • Recording “Session View” performance to “Arrangement Page”.

  • Will include  Roland MX-1 Performance Mixer as control surface and hardware control of clip launching/scene launching.

  • Everybody will create their own 8-16 bar loop based composition which can be recorded and saved in Ableton Live for future use if they choose to continue at home or take additional workshops

Ethan Lawrie