First Track

Next Workshop starts: October 29th 7:15pm - $47


What is First Track?

First Track is a 2-hour workshop designed specifically for people that want to explore creating and producing electronic music. No experience is required. Ages 16+. The objective at the end of the session is that you will have created your first electronic music track a solid 2-3 minute track utilizing the: TR 8 Drum Machine; MX 1 Performance Mixer with elements from the TB 3 Bassline and possibly the System-1 Synthesizer.

The workshop is limited to 9 participants and each participant has exclusive use of their own studio “pod” consisting of 4 professional grade electronic music devices.  No equipment is required of the participants and you will have fun… Guaranteed!

Who should attend?

  1. Anyone with an interest in electronic music or just curious about all those blinking lights and knobs…(we will make it simple for you).  No previous experience is required and no musical knowledge or skill is expected

  2. Anyone who has used ABLETON Live or FL Studio and wants to explore the dynamics of music production with hardware devices.

  3. Anyone who has traditional musical knowledge or training and wants to explore electronic music production

  4. Anyone looking for a first date idea that is very different or anyone organizing a birthday party.

Note: All workshops are ages 16+.

A Few Details

  • TR-8 basics,

  • 16-part step sequencer basics, pattern making

  • Real-time recording,

  • Step time reverb/delay & accent

  • TB 3 basics and patterns

  • System-1- patches and banks, basic features as time permits

Ethan Lawrie