ABLeton for DJs

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What is DJ LIVE? 

DJ Live is an intensive intermediate to advanced level, 2 session workshop over two weeks. Each session is 2 hours and is designed specifically for

DJ’s looking to up their game as a performer with custom ‘one-of-a-kind’ edits that bring new possibilities to songs which might not be best formatted to DJ’ing.

An ’edit’ can be as simple as a intro or outro loop to extend sections or could be slipping different acapella’s into the mix or creating unique blends of your favorite songs to arm your arsenal. A strong focus will be placed on music structure and flow, Warp algorhythms and proper handling of audio and sound quality when using Warp.

The workshop will also discuss and learn basic Ableton Live edits and functions in the arrangement page such as copy, paste, trim, cut edit, fades, automation and the use of many basic Ableton effects. The use and concept of Phase and Phase cancellation will be touched upon to create “DIY Acapella’s” to tracks which might not have chosen to share acapellas

The workshops are limited to 6 participants and each participant has exclusive use of their own studio “pod”.  Some experience with DJ equipment is advised. Ages 16+.

Note: We provide computers and Ableton Live Suite 10.1 and everything needed for thisclass

Who should attend?

1. Anybody who is a DJ or aspiring DJ looking to customize their music and create edits

2. Anybody looking for a lite introduction to Ableton from a DJ’s Perspective

3. DJ’s looking to create DIY Acapella’s for edits or remix purposes

Note: All workshops are ages 16+.

A Few Details

 This Class is not about DJ’ing although it is for DJ’s to attend

 Ableton Live 10.1 Suite will be used but lessons can carry over to those still on Ableton 9. Ableton Live will be used to edit songs for use with DJ tools such as Serato, RecordBox or Traktor

 Examples of projects will be provided, instrumentals acapellas and tools to assist participants with their projects.

 Serato might be used to evauate song keys, tempos and test mixes but no DJ controllers are used or needed in this class

 No Knowledge of Ableton or music production is required

Ethan Lawrie