Ableton 2


Ableton 2 is an Intermediate Level workshop that picks up where SessionMaster stops. Over 3 weeks (one evening per week) participants will gain a better understanding of using Ableton Live with various hardware synthesizers and sequencers. In addition, learning how to maximize the use of a keyboard controller as well as an introduction to PUSH 2.0 will be explored. Midi routing, channel routing, sidechain, re-sampling, midi clock and sync setup will also be taught.

The workshop is limited to 9 participants and each participant has exclusive use of their own “pod”. No equipment is required of the participants. Participants are also encouraged to book a POD for their own practice and exploration during store hours.

Who should attend?

If you have taken our SessionMaster or BeatMaker courses and are familiar with Ableton Live at a basic level, this workshop is for you. You will get to experience the depth and power of ABLETON Live first hand.

A Few Details:

  1. setting up, understanding workstation, midi channels, setup of synths, overview of synths; their strengths, unique features,

  2. channel routing, freezing, instrument and drum racks, sidechain,

  3. arrangement, song structure basics, automation, audio racks, macro controls, midi learn, midi controls, push 2 overview, control surface basics,

  4. mixdown, work on track, basic mixing tricks, compression and eq

Ethan Lawrie